Kiel University DenkRaum Fellowships

Kiel University’s DenkRaum Fellowships promote six excellent young researchers from various disciplines for two years. In addition to their own research and teaching at the University, the Fellows join forces to address an overarching topic of societal relevance.

Kiel University has a strong culture of trans-faculty research and collaborative exchange. We continually strive to intensify collaborations at the boundaries between faculties, and to engage in joint projects with non-university actors.

DenkRaum Fellows are trailblazers in this dynamic development. In their projects they not only explore aspects of an overarching, societally relevant topic; they also reflect on their various scientific approaches. They seek active exchange with experts and representatives from the worlds of science, society, industry and politics. DenkRaum Fellows join forces to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and open up new perspectives for exploration. They raise questions, formulate impulses for new ways of thinking and develop projects that do justice to the complexity of the theme, while taking into consideration the interests of all actors involved.