DenkRaum Theme 2021: Urban Design. The Shape and Shaping of Cities in the Past, Present and Future

At present approximately 55 percent of the world’s population reside in cities; this figure is estimated to be around two thirds of the population by the year 2050. Urbanity is thus a central phenomenon, possibly the most formative phenomenon of the present. This entails great challenges: for example, how can we create sufficient affordable living space, and how will we satisfy the competing needs of various road users? How are we dealing with the demographic shift and how are we adapting our cities to the progress of climate change? The growing importance of urban life urgently raises the question of what cities we wish to live in and of how, in compliance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we can shape our cities to be more inclusive, safer, more resilient and more sustainable.

This is where the DenkRaum on Urban Design starts. It is concerned with the shape and the shaping of cities in the past, present and future. Cities, as constructed space and as communities, have engendered the most varied forms, historically and regionally; they can be shaped and developed in many ways. This ranges from the design of an urban manhole cover to monumental architecture, from a neighbourhood street party to the socio-political shaping of urban living conditions.  


Graphics: DenkRaum Theme 2020 - 2022: Urban Design. The Shape and Shaping of Cities in the Past, Present and Future
Figure: Urban Design (click to enlarge)

In the DenkRaum on Urban Design. The Shape and Shaping of Cities in the Past, Present and Future you have the opportunity to address a future-oriented aspect of Urban Design, from your own specific discipline’s perspective. In a dynamic interdisciplinary exchange with Fellows from other faculties and Priority Research Areas at Kiel University you can investigate the complex interactions between various areas of urban life, while exploring their relevance for real life in exchange with actors from industry, politics and society.

Please apply with your project idea: in the DenkRaum on Urban Design, you will develop innovative projects in collaboration with the other Fellows that will help to better understand our cities and our urban life, and develop visions for our urban future.