Title project idea: Interactive, Integrative, and Interdisciplinary: Towards the Innovative City of the Future

In my doctoral dissertation I focussed on the management of stakeholders in complex innovation processes and the innovative, energy-efficient restructuring of urban districts. In several empirical studies I was able to show how different and even critical stakeholders can be successfully involved in urban innovation to achieve the UN sustainability goals and in service innovation.

Integrating heterogeneous stakeholders in innovation processes is a theme I am working on beyond the scope of my dissertation: for example, in the development of digital innovations in the energy industry.

In my opinion research becomes particularly exciting when various different stakeholders join forces; this is where innovative and creative ideas emerge. This is just what I am hoping for in DenkRaum: an exciting, horizon-broadening exchange with other scientists and partners from politics and industry, from which innovative projects on the city of the future will arise.