Title project idea: The City as a Place for Dialogue

As a student of psychology and philosophy I already tackled questions on fundamental principles of human life. In my psychology diploma I investigated to what extent different forms of discourse are suited to reflection on life-guiding concepts. My dissertation focused on fundamental concepts of a good life in the history of philosophy. Since then I have addressed the thinking of Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Mohammed, among others. I am currently working on the dynamic conceptualization of human beings in early Greek philosophy, which centers upon human beings’ possibility for self-transformation.

Against this background, it is the cultural dimension of ”Urban Design“ that particularly interests me. What attracts me to DenkRaum is the collaboration with researchers from other disciplines to jointly research the current, practical dimension of our notions of the good in urban living and to develop our skills for everyday political discussion. Discussions held outside the scientific context are often judgmental; actors from different “parties” often fail to really listen to each other. The arguments of the “opposite side” are not understood in themselves but judged from one’s biased perspective as inadequate. Such dynamics lead to radicalization and divisions in society. A city of the future should be able to find ways out of these dead ends.